Liquid Essentials B Vitamins
 Incredibly Bio-Absorbable B-Complex Vitamins 


Bio-absorbable Liquid Vitamins



B Complex Vitamins, The Key To Energy!

by Liquid Essentials

Liquid Nutritional Supplement
with 100% Aloe Vera & Ginseng

Don't pop a $3.50 Caffine/Sugar
  Energy 'drink'

Do a healthy ounce shot for under a buck!

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    Liquid HEALTHY Energy

  Imagine a healthy dream come true for you and your family!

  Liquid Essentials

   Awesome ingredients for your optimum nutrition in delightful tasting liquids!

Energy Up - Stress Down


Imagine this.... 

Liquid HEALTHY Energy

Made in the USA
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Energy and stamina off the charts with B complex vitamins in a delightful tangerine - orange taste treat. Sure beats sugary 'energy drinks'! 
 Liquid Essentials Energy & Stress


Tasty, smooth, bio-available vitamins, minerals and amino acids rushed throughout your body filling your daily nutritional needs (mega % of the RDA). Liquid Essentials Daily Multiple+ for healthier kids and adults!

High absorption rate and pain relief with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM in a wonderful lemon - lime liquid flavor. Liquid Essentials Glucosamine

Bone strengthening Liquid Calcium in a potent, highly absorbable liquid that tastes like strawberries and cream.
Liquid Essentials Cal/Mag 

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The #1 Seller  ~ Daily Multiple Plus+

Our "Sea Vegetables" are compressed without heat. No heat means the nutrients remain in their original, easy-to-digest state while providing the highest concentration of natures' nutrients.

Then the "Super Concentrated Sea Vegetables" are blended with Aloe Vera juice, honey, fruit juice and other natural nutrients like Vitamin C. Don't forget the Ginko & Ginseng!

The result: Liquid Essentials Daily Multiple Plus+ is one of the most powerful yet affordable nutritional supplements on the market today!

No vitamin after taste!   Perfect for every family member over 3 years of age. Kids absolutely love it!

This is not medicine, this is energy and health food!  You can even mix it with orange juice for a Super Orange cocktail!

Daily Multiple Plus+ and all our Liquid Essential products are Made in the USA with ingredients from USA companies.


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